Black Money Matters

Before I start this Blog Post called Black Money Matters and my Black Black Money Matters Unisex Ultra Cotton TeeMoney Matters Unisex Ultra Cotton Tee, I want to let the readers know that I am an Engineer by Trade, all my work is technology based, writing Posts like this is something that is new for me, so please be patient with me… 😊

During the concept creation of the theme on this t-shirt one of the first things I thought about is the condition of Black People in America a.k.a. Descendants of American Slaves in America (DOAS). Because of White Supremacy the oppressor class has economically destroyed Black People in America. The goal of this themed t-shirt and Post is to bring attention to how Black Money Matters to Native Black Americans and how we as a people can make changes to our own condition without begging other groups to do for us what we are more than capable of doing for ourselves and do it better than any other group. Example Black Wall Street.  

About 99% of anything in value in this country has been maldistributed to every other racial group hand except for Black Americans (Descendants of American Slaves). Black People in this country have been made to be the permanent underclass for a very long time. The Oppressor class has done this through a process of social engineering and keeping us dependent on them instead of Black People to provide for ourselves. Black People don’t have the tools to compete with white America or any other group so The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us to separate which is point #4 on What The Muslims Want which is on the back of the Final Call News Paper. We will gain economic freedom through ownership, quality of service, quality of products through competition between other Black Businesses!

As the Oppressors world continue to fall Black People must be ready to stand on their own 2 feet by doing for self. B1Clothing was not just to make me rich even though I pray for that but the true main purpose is to do business with Black People, Hire Black People and to create t-shirts, hoodies, hats all the while by making my People think about their condition, to educate and to consciously wake Black Folk up. This Black Money Matters Unisex Ultra Cotton Tee is made that you can where this out in public with pride! It’s made so that we can discuss new business startups in the Black Community, investments, creating generational wealth for our children, and making plans 3-4 generations so that your family can have after you become an Ancestor.